• AI Pilot development:

    Your pilots will develop in the military career, depending on their victories, or their business abilities for Universal Trader or Station Trader (Naffarin script) tasks.

    Their fighting skills will also enhance according to their career path. They will get a better response time, better fighting accuracy both with lasers and missiles, as well as better ship speed and handling.

    Additional controls will also be available according to the Rank (AI expansion): SAM abilities, ECM, damage management, advanced shielding management, protection of station, special SAM abilities when flying in a squadron... The higher the rank, the better some skills can improve.

    Full control of AI’s:

    1. You can switch them between ships, get a track record of them, stock or sell or buy them…

    2. AI and living pilots both can eject:
    3. AI pilots can eject in a rescue pod when their ships are shot down. This will allow you to collect and reinstall them in your own ships. Living pilots can also eject when their ships are destroyed.

  • Status report available:
  • A comprehensive report regarding the key elements of the ship is available, such as IA rank, upgrades, equipment…

  • Advanced Group management:
  • You can create squadrons and manage them easily and efficiently, including keyboard shortcuts. Script will automatically monitor the squadron and will reform if one or several members are missing.

  • Supply:

    1. You can ensure that your fleet is properly supplied by using supply group or refuel group.

    Surveillance network:

    1. You can use your satellites in order to create one surveillance network. Strike squadrons will be allowed to respond to every kind of threat. Patrol squadron will be also available to complement your surveillance network.

    Advanced rename function:

    1. You can rename your ship by using many available options. You can also give up to 8 different colors to your names on top of additional information you may add.

    Compatibility with other scripts:

    1. This script is fully compatible with MK3 or Naffarin’s Station Traders script: traders will increase their level according to their trading ability and experience. MK3’s can also eject if the ship is destroyed.

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